“What a tremendous blessing it was for me to ride in the parade with our WWII heroes. It was such a joy to see the massive crowd that turned out to cheer them on. The whole week was fantastic. An honor to be a part of it all.”

 - Mr. Gary Sinise. 


Appreciate the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade Experience through the eyes of participating band students and their directors.
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December 7, 1941, was a day that would live in infamy and thrust the United States of America into the second World War. Now 75 years later, Americans and people from all over the world gather to pay tribute to those whose service and sacrifice preserved freedom and liberty at home and abroad. During this five year WWII commemoration period, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade will be an important reminder of that fateful day at Pearl Harbor, while providing hope that from conflict and the devastation of war, peace and friendship can occur. 


The theme of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade is "remembering our past and celebrating our future."  The purpose of the parade is to honor and pay respect to the Pearl Harbor survivors, our veterans, active duty military and their families.  The parade takes place each year in Hawaii on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Pearl Harbor Survivors Share Their Stories - Presented by History and A&E
Experiences from the
Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

Scott Burgener, Director of the Mountain View High School Band shares his thoughts about the parade

Former Governor Abercrombie addresses the parade participants during the opening Ceremony

Parents of participants of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade talk about the value of the parade experience

Pearl Harbor Survivor shares a great story with the Chantilly Band during their visit to Pearl Harbor

Moored at Pearl Harbor
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Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

The Great Battleships to float down Kalakaua Ave each year for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, thanks to BAE SYSTEMS

As a reminder of the service and sacrifice of our veterans - The ships moored at Pearl Harbor during the attack 75 years ago will be represented by 40' models. These ships will provide a spectacular and meaningful tribute to those who preserved our liberty and freedom and the people whose ingenuity and dedication brought us the incredible fleet of great battleships.  

Contact the Parade Committee if you are interested in sponsoring one of these great ships

Help to pay tribute to our veterans and their families by donating today.

A Special Thanks to BAE Systems for providing the replica battle ship - "USS Arizona" for the parade. BAE Systems has had a long history of supporting our service men, women and their families. This contribution to the parade was a fitting tribute for those who served while reminding us of the event that "forever changed our nation and the world". 

The National Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade is an official event of the WWII75 Anniversary commemoration.

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