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USS Arizona: 1916 - 1941


USS Arizona, a 31,400 ton Pennsylvania class battleship, was built in Brooklyn, NY at theNew York Navy Yard.  She was commissioned in October of 1916 and originally operated out of Norfolk, Virginia. Although she spent most of her time in the Western Atlantic and in the Caribbean, the Arizona made several cruises to Europe and even reached as far east as Turkey.  In 1921, The Arizona made her first trip to the Pacific on a deployment to Peru, then was based in Southern California with a few trips to the Caribbean and to Hawaii.  In 1931, The Arizona transported President Herbert Hoover to Puerto Rico and to the Virgin Islands.  Since 1940, The Arizona and the other Pacific Fleet battleships were based at Pearl Harbor.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor


During the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the USS Arizona was hit by several bombs, including one that penetrated her forecastle and detonated her forward ammunition magazines.  The massive explosion destroyed the hull, collapsing her forward superstructure causing her to sink within minutes.  On the day of the attack,  1,177 of her crew were killed, many of which remain entombed with her at the bottom of Pearl Harbor today.

USS Arizona after the Pearl Harbor attack


The USS Arizona was a total loss after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  she still lies at the bottom of Pearl Harbor where she sank 70 years ago.  Today, there is a beautiful memorial at that site that is operated by the National Parks Service where visitors can visit and reflect on the lives that were lost that day, not just on the Arizona, but during that entire day at Pearl Harbor. 

USS Arizona (BB-39)

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