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The Parade
Parade Commissioned

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade Committee has been commissioned to organize the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, commemorating the anniversary of the invasion of Pearl Harbor each year on December 7th. The Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade is proclaimed by the Mayor of Honolulu as the "Official Public Event Marking the Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor". 

December 7 - Pearl Harbor Day

The parade theme is "remembering the past and celebrating our future." We honor our veterans and their families while recognizing that once bitter enemies can become loyal friends and allies. In order to establish a memorial to honor those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated in 1962. It has been visited by countless people from all over the world during the past 50 years. The Arizona Memorial is one of the few war-time memorials in the United States where actual survivors volunteer.


Our Mission 

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade will provide a meaningful tribute to our veterans and armed forces while featuring talented performing groups, associations, local, state and national dignitaries and organizations, along with military groups and officials joining together to share the Spirit of America with the citizens and visitors of Hawaii.


The Parade Route

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade begins at Fort DeRussey in Waikiki.  It proceeds down Kalakaua Avenue for 1 mile, then takes Monsarrat Avenue to the Waikiki Shell where an evening concert is held for participants in the parade.

See map of the parade route


Parade Committe

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade Committee members have been selected from a variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to provide participants and spectators with the highest quality program.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade Committee: Joel Biggs, Moa Mahe, Chris Meeker, Earl Hurrey, Jeremy Biggs, Bert Johnson
December 7, 2022
Preliminary Event Schedule

4:30pm Opening Ceremony - Fort DeRussy Park 


6:00pm Parade Begins on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki


7:30pm Closing Ceremony

Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade Executive Committee

Chairman: Joel Biggs

Executive Producer: Chris Meeker

Selection Chairman / Military Relations: MGySgt Earl Hurrey

Parade Operations: Moa Mahe

Producer: Bert Johnson

Producer: Jeremy Biggs

Welcome Letter from Honolulu Mayor

Honolulu Mayor 2021.jpg
Street Sicker.jpg



Parker United Methodist Church Choir

Tohopekaliga HS Choir



Aragon Choir

Elbert County HS Choir

Bergen County Choir

Sherman E Burroughs Choir

  1. Street Bikers United

  2. Police Dept Motorcycles

  3. Official Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade Banner

  4. Sponsor Banners 

  5. Joint Service Color Guard

  6. Celtic Pipes and Drums

  7. Army Balloon

  8. Army Platoon

  9. Marine Forces Pacific Band

  10. Marine Balloon

  11. Veterans

  12. WWII Rosies

  13. Corvette Club of Hawaii - Veterans

  14. Purple Heart Balloon

  15. Waikiki Trolly - Military Order of the Purple Hearts

  16. Parker United Methodist Choir

  17. Punahou JROTC - Veterans Salute

  18. USS Arizona Banner

  19. USS Arizona Replica Ship

  20. Eastern Arizona College Jazz Band - Walking

  21. Mustang and Shelby Car Club

  22. Miss United States - Lily K. Donaldson

  23. Desert Ridge HS Marching Band

  24. American Heritage Girls

  25. Varsity Spirit Cheerleaders A - USA

  26. Aragon HS

  27. Tall Flags - Young Marines

  28. Beauty Queen - Mrs. Japan International

  29. Campo Verde HS Marching Band

  30. Kahuku JROTC - American Flag

  31. Kauku Football Team - Haka

  32. Fire and Knife - Polynesian Review

  33. Westfield HS Marching Band

  34. Pokagon band of Potawatomi Indians Ogitchida

  35. USS California Banner

  36. Don Antonio Lugo HS Marching Band

  37. Vietnam Veterans Association - Vehicles

  38. VW Car Club

  39. Somerset Berkley HS Marching Band

  40. Beauty Queen - Miss Teen Hard Rock TV

  41. Blazen FX Classic Cars

  42. Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band

  43. USS Oklahoma Banner

  44. VFW 9061 - Native American Group - Ceremonial Clothing

  45. USS Nevada Banner

  46. Sherman E Burroughs HS Band

  47. University of Pacific Cheer

  48. Tohopekaliga HS Choir

  49. Larry A Ryle Marching Band

  50. Aiea HS JROTC

  51. Norman Yakabi's 2019 Dodge Challenger Tribute to our Troops

  52. Girl Scout Troops

  53. Varsity Spirit B - USA

  54. Bergen County Academies of Choirs

  55. Navy Balloon

  56. Navy Platoon

  57. USS Pennsylvania Banner

  58. Bayard Rustin HS Marching Band

  59. USS Missouri Navel Sea Cadets

  60. Tall Eagle Balloon

  61. Johnsburg HS Marching Band

  62. Elbert County HS Choir

  63. Beauty Queen - Miss Aloha Islands

  64. North Creek HS Marching Band

  65. USS Virginia Banner

  66. Air Force Balloon

  67. Air Force Platoon

  68. USS Utah Banner

  69. Hill Murray HS Band & Orchestra 

  70. Cup Scout Pack 442

  71. USS Tennessee Banner

  72. Varsity Spirit - C - USA

  73. Space Force Balloon

  74. Saint Johns College HS Regimental Band

  75. Beauty Queen - Miss Teen Asia

  76. Jeep I Joe

  77. USS Maryland Banner

  78. Century HS Marching Band 

  79. Cub Scout Pack 3304 Red Hill

  80. Taiko Drummers

  81. Weddington HS Marching Band

  82. Coast Guard Balloon

  83. Coast Guard Platoon

  84. Varsity Spirit D - USA

  85. Oakton HS Marching Band

  86. Vet's Mobile Center

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Will not arrive until mid December
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